“Nudes on Ice” at the Aladdin Casino – 1968

I’m not able to find a lot of information about the “Nudes on Ice” show in Las Vegas. It seems to have been co-Produced by both George Arnold and Bill Moore. It ran from at least 1968 when this photo was taken, and was revived in 1988 for a 12-week show that ended up running 18 months.

In that time it seems to have played at the Aladdin Casino in the Bagdad Theater as pictured here, moved to the Hacienda in the Fiesta Room, and was for a short time at the Thunderbird Hotel. (Possibly started at the Thunderbird.) In 1988 the show was revived at the Union Plaza and played there until 1990.

Nudes on ice

Nudes on ice plays at 11:30pm and 3:00am!

Some of the performers in the show were Polish skater Jola Iglikowska, Joe E. Ross, and Diane Wisdom, (who later worked for Frank Sinatra Jr.) The show included pro-skaters both male and female (probably not nude,) typical Vegas Showgirls (not nude, but topless,) and other acts such as jugglers. Who we presume were not nude either. If anyone else was actually in the show, they’re not bragging about it!

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