Life at Giza, Cairo, Egypt – 1952

Life at Giza, Cairo, Egypt – 1952

Life at Giza near Cairo Egypt has not changed much in decades. At the time these pictures were taken in 1952, the Pyramids at Giza were already a well known tourist attractions around the world. But there is another side to the Pyramids, the day to day life of the people who live in the shadows of history.

Bullock Pump
This is a water pump powered by a bullock walking around it all day. The water would be collected in the tub below and then carried to wherever it was needed.

Small Pyramid
Tourists are taken past the pyramids in horse drawn carts. At the time of this picture, they may have been driven all the way from town like this.

Pyramid at Giza
The tour guides at the Pyramids had quite the racket going on here. A fence keeps the riffraff out. No doubt the camel rides are just out of the frame of this picture here. They probably pre-dated the “Made in China” trinket revolution that infests tourist sites around the world these days.

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