The Las Vegas Strip – 1968

The Las Vegas Strip looks nothing like this these days. The hotel names are the same, Caesars Palace and the Flamingo both exist still, but almost every single thing in this picture has been destroyed and rebuilt. Most likely twice since then because the one over arching truth about The Las Vegas Strip is that each Casino has to be better, bigger, and gaudier, then the next.

The Las Vegas Strip

Old Photo of The Las Vegas Strip

Despite that, there is some great detail in this picture. From Theodore Bikel playing “Fiddler on the Roof” at Caesars Palace, the vintage autos driving down the street, or the Sands Hotel in the background. And of course, the weather that Las Vegas is known for due to it’s desert location. I wish I could see enough of some of the other signs to see what other shows were playing.

Interesting to see how slow the road is though. My experience with The Las Vegas Strip is that it’s always busy with cars driving up and down it. Especially Taxis advertising strip clubs and trucks advertising places to shoot fully automatic machine guns.

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