Landmark Hotel – 1968

Landmark Hotel – 1968

From 1968 comes this picture of the Landmark Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Unfortunately it wasn’t a very popular attraction from the beginning as it’s history shows.

Building started in 1962, but funding ran out when it was about 80% complete. The building sat until 1966 when the Teamsters Union Pension Fund invested $5.5 million to finish it. Construction was finally completed in early 1967, but lack of funding again delayed progress and the opening date was pushed back to April 1968. A date that came and went with the building sitting empty still.

Landmark Hotel

Landmark Hotel and Casino – 1983

Finally in January 1969, Howard Hughes purchased the building and was able to open it July 1, 1969. Despite the famous acts that played there, the hotel continued to loose money. Problems plagued the hotel, including a carbon monoxide leak on July 15th, 1977 that injured 138 people and unfortunately killed one.

Finally, the hotel closed in August of 1990. The building sat vacant until November 7, 1995 when it was imploded. Film makers took advantage of the “futuristic” look of the building and the implosion, filming it for a scene in the movie “Mars Attacks.”

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