Freeway through New York World’s Fair – 1965

Freeway through New York World’s Fair – 1965

Here is another picture from 1965 of the New York World’s fair. We’ve already seen a few various pictures from the fair. We saw Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress. A view of the fair entrance, and a picture of Mickey Mouse himself making an appearance at the fair.

This time we see a view of the freeway passing through the middle of the fair. I believe this is what is now the Long Island Expressway. All the buildings in this picture are long gone, including the Royal Tires Ferris Wheel. But the remains of the white curved structure still remains. Just to the left of that, out of the picture, is the “Flushing Meadow UFOs,” made famous by the movie “Men in Black.”

1965 World's Fair

Vintage photo of the Freeway through New York World’s Fair – 1965

This is a great photo because of all the cars. Some very interesting models in here. I see a Chevy, Pontiac and a Volvo at least. And a half dozen other unknown vehicles. What can you see?

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