The Egyptian Museum – 1950s

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo holds 120,000 or more artifacts collected from locations around Egypt, but especially from the Giza complex.

The  Egyptian Museum

This is an interesting picture of the museum building as it existed in the 1950s. The exact year is unknown but as it is part of the same “art and history” collection of slides that includes the picture of the January 1952 Cairo Rights, we’ll call it 1952 also.

The full name of the museum is the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, not be confused with the more modern Grand Egyptian Museum. It’s interesting that this building is white in the picture, yet modern pictures have it painted red. I’ve seen this a few times and don’t understand why historic buildings are being repainted like this. It looks like much of the collection from Egyptian Museum of Antiquities will be moved into The Grand Egyptian Museum.

Egyptian Museum

This small Sphinx statue sits outside the museum. There isn’t much information on the web about it that I can find, other then it’s location, but the statue has a catalog number carved into the side of it. So if anyone knows the origin of this statue, I’d love to know more.

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