Unknown Snowy Mountain – 1971

This is one of the unlabeled slides in my collection. It’s among a collection of stuff from around Mt. Rainier in Washington, but I was not able to find a similar scene that was labeled. If you have an idea of where this might be, please comment below!

Unknown Snowy Mountain

European Street Scene – 1961

European Street Scene

The exact location, or even country, of this picture is unknown. The slide is totally unlabeled other then the printing date of October 1961. There seems to be a church and a castle of some sort in the picture, along with some vintage cars.

Unknown French Street Scene – 1962

French Street Scene

The exact location of this picture is unknown. Even the label on it is less then helpful. It says “St. in La Poiteei ’62.” But the word “Poiteei” is overwritten with, “Poittrrie.” Google isn’t helpful with either translation as it keeps trying to give me “la potterie” which is French for “Chest or Breast.”

Either way, I think this is an interesting photo. It’s obviously in a tourist area. We can see the word “bar” obscured by a number of prints of scenery. There is a rack of post cards by the door, and the cobblestone streets are a nice touch.

Any ideas on where this was taken?