Mons Meg – 1965

Mons Meg

Girls climbing on cannon

From 1965 again, we have two cute girls climbing on top of a cannon at Edinburgh Castle. Now days the cannon is probably roped off or has signs on it saying to stay off. According to Wikipedia, this cannon is called “Mons Meg,” an bombard built originally in 1449. It was used in battle until the 16th century then relegated to ceremonial purposes. It burst at one occasion in 1680 and then was put away until 1754.

At that time Mons Meg was taken to the Tower of London where it was stored until 1829. Sir Walter Scott and others got it returned to Edingburgh Castle. The weapon has been restored since and now participates in the annual Hogmanay celebration, although it does not actually fire.

Edinburgh Castle – 1965

We’ve seen the view from Edinburgh Castle a few times already. But this is the first one of the castle itself. From this angle it doesn’t look that big, even though it dominates the hill it is on.

Edinburgh Castle Front Gate

Vintage photo from 1965 of Edinburgh Castle’s front gate

This photo dates from September 1965. It’s interesting to see that the castle is being guarded by soldiers. With the one saluting the car you have to wonder who is driving in. The kid in the middle in the gray coat has a great cheeky look on his face too. Even though he’s the only one not looking at the castle.

Salisbury Crags – 1965

Outside of Edinburgh is this little hill known as Salisbury Crags. The hill itself is actually in Holyrood Park, a 650 acre park created by James V in 1541.

Salisbury Crags

The hill is 151 feet tall, with Arthur’s Crag at 823 feet behind it. The cliffs are formed of basalt that has been a popular rock climbing spot since the early days of the sport although one needs a permit to do these days.

View from Edinburgh Castle – 1965

View from Edinburgh Castle in Scotland.

View from Edinburgh Castle - 1965

This picture looks like it was taken by the same photographer as the “Cruise on the North Sea.” This one says “View of Edinburgh from Edinburgh Castle. Bldg. of Greek Architecture one of art centers.”

I could only find one other picture from this location, but with a greatly different view point. As far as I can tell, the Art Center is the large multi-story dark grey building behind the Train Station. I am not able to find such a building in Google Maps at all though.

Can anyone confirm that this building does exist, and is the Art Center? Please comment below!