Unknown Octagon Building – 1961

I have no information about this Octagon Building or where it actually is. The shape should be a pretty good clue, but I’m not finding much in Google. Perhaps you know where the building is and have seen it before? If so please leave a comment below! Thank you!

Octogon Building

Unknown Octagon Building. Italy? France?

*Update* Thank you to Benton, this is the Florence Baptistery in Florence Italy.

Pink House – 1958

In 1958 we find a pink house made of bricks and yellow sun shades over the windows. Two bathing beauties are out front enjoying the sun and some ice tea. Or perhaps something a little stronger. One of the cool things about Kodachrome film is that it made colors look a lot more rich. The house, the awnings and the grass are all proof of this.

Pink House

Vintage Photo from 1958 of a pink house with two bathing beauties in front of it.

Does anyone know what “Southern Cross” refers too in this context? The only reference I can find is to the constellation, and a song from 1982 by Crosby, Stills and Nash.