Fort Gaines – Battle of Mobile Bay – 1977

Fort Gaines is one of the multitude of forts that protected the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War. Fort Gaines was one of three Confederate forts to participate in the Battle of Mobile Bay from August 2-23, 1864. Union Admiral David G. Farragut took his fleet into the bay, uttered his famous line, forced Confederate Admiral Franklin Buchanan, and all three forts to surrender. This battle permanently closed Mobile Bay to the Confederate States for the duration of the war.

Jack Friend wrote, West Wind, Flood Tide: The Battle of Mobile Bay, which is considered one of the best books on this important battle if you’d like to learn more.

Fort Gaines

Old photo of Fort Gaines on Dauphin Island, Alabama – 1977

The Fort is located on Dauphin Island, a tourist destination on the southern coast of Alabama. Fort Gaines has been restored and now exists as a living history museum catering to school groups. A ferry crosses the bay so it is easy to visit all three forts that participated in the battle in the same day.

In addition, Dauphin Island is known for it’s sandy beaches and their associated beach activities, along with abundant nature and sightseeing opportunities.

Have you ever been to Fort Gaines or Dauphin island? I was able to visit in 2010, but it was the off season and not very good beach weather.