Cairo Riots – 1952

From the set of slides labeled “history” and “art” is this one labeled “Cairo Riots.” I don’t know if this was the prelude to “Black Sunday” where 750 buildings in downtown Cairo burned down in response to the British killing of 50 Egyptian Policemen in January 1952. Or if it was a prelude to the Egyptian Revolution that began a mere six months later.

Cairo Riots - 1962

From the image, it doesn’t look so much like a riot as it is a gathering of people just standing around blocking the road. The detail on this photo is outstanding in my opinion. Look at the vintage car and two trucks over in the right hand corner for instance. Across from there looks to be a travel agency of some sort, I can make out “Passenger Agency” easy enough, but can’t see the name of the agency.

I’d love to know what this street corner looks like now. Do these buildings still exist? Or are they among those that burned?

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