Everything Mickey Guest Post

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I made a guest post over the at the Everything Mickey blog. The focus was a families 1959 trip to Disneyland. Even I was surprised at some of the gems in that collection.

As I researched further I realized that the pictures were taken within weeks of the opening of Tomorrowland in 1959. Four rides has just opened, Autopia, Submarine Voyage, the Matterhorn, and the brand new Monorail. The pictures focus heavily on this area and with pictures of and from the Skyway.

Everything Mickey Guest Post

Chicken of the Sea restaurant at Disneyland. Later renamed to Captain Hook’s Galley

Astoria-Megler Ferry and Landing

These are two pictures in my collection of the Astoria-Megler Ferry and Landing in Oregon. Both are from different photographers and several years apart. Both show a piece of Oregon and Washington history that is missing now. The Astoria-Megler Ferry crossed the mouth of the Columbia River between Astoria Oregon and McGown Washington. After a merger, the north ferry dock was moved to Megler Washington because it was a better port for the ferry. The Ferry ran until the construction of the Astoria-Megler Bridge made it obsolete.

Astoria still exists as a quite popular tourist and supply town for the North West Oregon and South West Washington Coast. But nothing remains of Megler except for the ferry dock pilings and a wide spot in the road where cars waited for the ferry to dock.

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Astoria-Megler Ferry and Landing

Megler Ferry Landing – 1959

Astoria-Megler Ferry and Landing

Astoria Megler Ferry – 1965

Unknown Snowy Mountain – 1971

This is one of the unlabeled slides in my collection. It’s among a collection of stuff from around Mt. Rainier in Washington, but I was not able to find a similar scene that was labeled. If you have an idea of where this might be, please comment below!

Unknown Snowy Mountain